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News: 02-05-2008 – Super Tuesday, McCain’s Conservatism, Arctic Ice, and Reducing Methane

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on February 5, 2008

It’s Super Tuesday!!

Well, obviously the big news today is in the political arena. This is just one story that tells us about all the races taking place. As of this writing, we know that Romney won Maine a few days ago (after hints that Paul may actually sneak in there) and this was generally ignored. In delegate count, McCain and Romney are projected very close at the moment, but you wouldn’t know it to hear that McCain has supposedly all but wrapped things up.

Romney took another hit today in West Virginia, where all 18 delegates went to Mike Huckabee. It is alleged that there was a maneuver by the McCain folks to vote for Huckabee after it was clear that McCain would not win the delegates. By doing this, they kept Romney from gaining any momentum. Perhaps a bit shifty, but it’s politics and certainly is nothing unheard of.

Anyway, it is expected that McCain will take a large lead tonight, but that there may be no clear Democratic front-runner. We shall see.

What is clear is that there is a lot of dissention in conservative ranks about McCain, in particular from Rush Limbaugh. A few days ago, Ann Coulter also said she would back Clinton over McCain.

While I respect the opinion of these fine conservative voices, I have to take issue with actually suggesting that it is a good idea to support the Democratic candidate for any reason other than believing they are the best candidate. I would think the better strategy is to find a Third Party candidate who is conservative (such as the Constitution Party).

This has the benefit of being able to actually tally the protest against McCain, and it also prevents the idea of overwhelming support for Clinton or Obama. It also has the benefit of actually voting on principle. Another option is running someone like Newt Gingrich as an independent, if you just don’t want to lend credibility to a third party that exists today.

Giant Super Bowl Parade

I don’t really have much to say here, other than to note the huge sports news of the weekend regarding the Giant’s victory. On a personal note, it made me feel a little more vindicated as a Packers fan that we took the eventual Super Bowl champs to overtime. It still hurts thinking about what could have been, but I am happier with that result than had the Giant’s been dismantled.

There isn’t just ice in the Antarctic…

It’s amazing to me the downplay the continued evidence, anecdotal or not, gets. A couple days ago I noted the increasing ice mass in the Antarctic. Now we get this story about increasing ice in the Arctic. Oh, by the way, we received another 5 inches of snow yesterday…

Some people think Winston Churchill never actually existed.

Even more amazing is that they seem to think that King Arthur did exist. Oh, those whacky Brits.

Just another freedom taken away.

No more flatulence at this college. I’m serious. I never would have made it through school!


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