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Update on my Traffic Ranking… Thanks!

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on May 11, 2008

I occasionally check out, which measures the traffic of web sites and ranks them. Last time I posted on this, I was ranked around #6.1 million. My goal was to crack the six million mark. Thanks to you readers, searchers, or just random folks who have stumbled onto the site and have no interest in my ramblings whatsoever, my ranking has skyrocketed! I am now listed with a rank of #3,361,298!

Do I dare aim my sights even higher? Top 3 million? I say yes. Keep hope alive. Vote for change. Spread the word. Top 3 million, here I come!


One Response to “Update on my Traffic Ranking… Thanks!”

  1. I heared the announcement that alexa has changed its ranking algorithm. I am little happy with this change because my website got little improvment. see new alexa ranking for Fortune Park Hotels Ltd.

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