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Blog (more accurately, web site) Ranking Update

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on June 4, 2008

Another milestone has been reached, according to the website ranking gurus at

Only a short time ago, I was hoping to crack the top 6 million. Then, I found myself working up to the top 3 million. My friends, I have crossed that line! The latest and greatest ranking is now 2,859,017. Thanks!

OK, in case you haven’t noticed, I am being a bit facetious. I am well aware that this means there are 2,859,016 sites ranked ahead of mine. Still, being a stats and trends guy, it’s simply a fun exercise to me to keep track of this and just see how it changes over time. I’ll keep you updated.

And, as always, spread the good word.

UPDATE as of June 9, 2008: Still moving up… The latest ranking has me at 2,725,584. Thanks!

UPDATE as of June 11, 2008: I guess I’m not sure how often the site updates its estimates of site traffic, but I just checked an I am now up to a ranking of 2,535,032.   2.5 million is the next milestone!   I’m almost there!   Woo hoo!

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