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June Update on Global Temperatures – UAH Data

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on June 4, 2008

Unlike my spreadsheets with the GISS and NCDC temperatures, I don’t have a model and fancy stuff put together for the UAH, RSS, or HadCrut data yet. I’ll get there…

Still, I do a quick scan of the updated temperature anomalies, and here’s what has transpired in May:

The UAH (University of Alabama – Huntsville) Satellite temperature anomaly is -0.180 (degrees Celsius) globally. All three measures (Northern Hempisphere/Southern Hemisphere/Tropics) were negative for the first time since July 2004. The tropics anomaly has been trending down significantly lately. The May anomaly was -0.579, and this is on the heels of -0.532 in April and -0.489 in March. These are the coldest tropical temps since 1989.

Other interesting data facts on the global temp:
-This was the coldest May since 1992 (-.187)
-This was the coldest single anomaly since January 2000 (-.184)
-With this addditional data point, the current flat/cooling period now extends back to September 1997 – nearly 11 years.
– It is the fourth coldest May in the record (the satellite temps only go back to December of 1978, so there are 30 data points)
– This is the ninth consecutive “year-over-year” anomaly decline (assuming seasonality comes into play at all) at an average decline in those nine months of 0.272 degrees Celsius
– The sun still has no sunspots (OK, not from the UAH data, just an aside)

Check out the chart at Watts Up With That? You tell me if you see a catastrophic warming trend evident over the last 30 years…

Still waiting for the other temperature measures. As always, I’ll be doing significant analysis on GISS and NCDC, and hope to add HadCrut to the list this month so I can compare and contrast all the surface measures. I will then move on to the satellite data.


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