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June 2008 Update on Global Temperatures – RSS

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on June 6, 2008

Here’s a quick review of the RSS data, May anomaly hot of the presses!

The RSS Satellite temperature anomaly is -0.083 (degrees Celsius) globally. Their largest negative on the data linked to was for Continental U.S. Lucky us. The tropics ranked close behind, followed by the Southern Hemisphere. This is the first 7-month run of negative anomalies in the tropics since 2000, but the highest in magnitude since 1989. On the flip side, the high northern latitudes had a positive anomaly above 1, and the mid northern latitudes were +0.400.

Other interesting data facts on the global temp:
-This was the coldest May since 1992 (-.148), consistent with UAH
-This was the coldest single anomaly since January 2000 (-.141), also consistent with UAH
-With this addditional data point, the current flat/cooling period now extends back to May 1997 – 11 years plus a month. This is slightly further back than the UAH data.
– It is the eight coldest May in the record (the satellite temps only go back to January 1979, so there are 30 data points). RSS has some colder past deviations than UAH did.
– This is the ninth consecutive “year-over-year” anomaly decline (assuming seasonality comes into play at all), consistent with UAH

Still waiting for the other temperature measures. As always, I’ll be doing significant analysis on GISS and NCDC, and hope to add HadCrut to the list this month so I can compare and contrast all the surface measures. I will then move on to the satellite data.

2 Responses to “June 2008 Update on Global Temperatures – RSS”

  1. larry wilhelmsen said

    Please read Lawrence Solomon’s book “The Deniers” to get the best analysis by the worlds best scientists on the total considerations on warming. Very well done by a person with no axe to grind. Looks like warming is mostly natural with about 0.5C per century over the last three and maybe 25% higher the last century. Science does not support any drastic rise in temperature with increasing carbon dioxide.

  2. Diatribical Idiot said

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will jot it down on my list. This overall trend is exactly what I’ve concluded in a number of my previous posts simply by looking at the extended trend line and how the shorter-term trend lines continually cycle in their warming and cooling patterns.

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