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August 2008 Update on Global Temperature – UAH

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on August 8, 2008

Well, there aren’t many surprises in the UAH data compared to the RSS data. Both measures show a similar increase over the June anomaly, and both show a little over a 0.2 degree drop from July 2007.

The current anomaly is 0.048. The June anomaly was -0.114. The July 2007 anomaly was 0.255.

It would appear that the effects of La Nina are waning, which could explain the month by month trends lately, while the overall decline versus prior year may be impacted by the quiet sun.

The current slope period ending with the current data point that is negative extends back to July 1997, also similar to the RSS data. The number of consecutive months with an anomaly lower than the previous year is now at 11, also similar to RSS, with the last such period being the period ending February 2000.

The average anomaly over the last 7 months is -0.02443. The last 7-month period that low is the period ending July 1997.

As for the ranking of July in totality, it is decidedly unexciting… Of the 30 July anomalies in the data records, this one ranks as the 15th warmest.

I’ll post more if/when I get spreadsheets developed on this.


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