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October 2008 Update on Global Temperature – GISS

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on October 9, 2008

Stating in advance I may not get this whole post done immediately, I will nonetheless press on and get up what I can. If need be, I will come back and edit/update as necessary.

GISS released the September anomaly, as previously noted, and it came in at a value of 49. See how this compares to predicted anomalies here.

The information is found ,a href=>here.

*The September anomaly is 49 (in terms of 0.01 degree Celsius).

*It is 0.01 degrees cooler than August 2008
*It is 0.01 degrees cooler than September 2007
*It is the coolest September anomaly since 2004

*5th warmest (125th coolest) September anomaly out of 129 data points since 1880
*81st warmest (1,465th coolest) anomaly out of the total 1,545 monthly observations

*The latest 12-month average is now 41.6, wich is the coolest 12-month stretch since the period ending September 2001. If you are anal enough to look back at the previous average, you’ll remember that the last 12-month average was 40.8. So, if it was 40.8 last month, and is 41.6 this month, and this month’s average is the coolest since September 2001, how can this be? Welcome to our good friend, Mr. GISS Adjustment. Some of the previous month’s values were rather largely adjusted upward from the summer months. The average ending August month end has now increased from 40.8 to 41.8.

*This is the 6th consecutive month with a year-over-year anomaly decline
*13 of the last 14 months show a year-over-year anomaly decline

More written information to come… for now, here are a few charts.

Overall trend since 1880 is around 0.6 degrees per Century

Temperatures are flat for almost 8 years

The latest 60-month trend is negative

The 60-month slopes show a consistent downward trend over the last few years

Up and Down we go. We are currently going down.

The 10-year trend is still positive

But the slopes are trending down, so it's not as positive as it was...

We still have a ways to go, though, before we see slope values approaching historical lows.

15 year slope is positive, too... is the 20-year slope...

...and the 25 year slope...

...and the 30 year slope.


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