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Where is the temperature data!!!? (And a couple other changes I need to pass on)

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on November 7, 2008

In case you guys are waiting for a temperature analysis update, SO AM I!!

I purposely didn’t go all out with the RSS by location analysis because I figured that the satellite temps would be released by now. Normally, the satellites are fairly swift with the reporting, so I’m not sure what the holdup is (admittedly, it’s not as if I’ve sent them e-mails or dug around on the web to find out).

So, just be patient. I’ll keep my eye out and start putting the charts together as soon as it gets posted.

OK, there are a couple other changes I’d like to note:
1) I have changed the name of the website, in case you haven’t noticed. It used to be “Digital Diatribes of a Random Idiot.” It is now just “Digital Diatribes.” The self-deprecating humor thing is preferable to me, but the initial purpose of this blog was in no way meant to be technical in nature. It just kind of happened. Now, 90% or more of my traffic comes here to check out the charts and global warming/science posts. And since a number of you seem to like the charts and have linked to them, I have decided that it actually defeats your purpose in linking to them when the name of the blog includes reference to an idiot.

2) I have created three other blogs: Political Diatribes (, Catholic Diatribes (, and Personal Diatribes ( I’ve considered this for a while but resisted it. And I have no illusions that I will maintain all the blogs consistently. This will still be my main work. But the reason I finally did this was because I felt that I had kind of hamstrung my own freedom to post what I want on non-global warming stuff. Oh, sure, I could have posted my political views often, or dove more into Catholicism and posted funny stories about my family and all that, but since 90% of visitors were looking at charts, I didn’t. The reason I didn’t was because I felt like these things got to the point where it just was an odd random post that had nothing to do with what most people came here for. Plus, I kind of want to vent my political opinion a little more harshly, and I didn’t want to be off-putting to those who were not coming here for those sorts of things. At the same time, I still want to post my thoughts, if for no reason because it feels good. So, I decided to just create these different domains. The political (and even the catholic one) will make no effort to sway from being blunt and opinionated. Now I can post those thoughts and get as emotional as I want and argue with people without getting in the way of the analysis that many of you appreciate. I t will also enable me to focus more on promoting my CD. As for the personal site, that will just be more for family and friends to check out.

As of this post, I have created the sites, but have not posted anything. I am hoping to find time over the next week to duplicate my past posts on this site that would fit into those domains. I’ll keep the posts I’ve already made here in the archives, though I may greatly reduce the categories from this site.

Thanks to all of you who stop by here. Feel free to peruse the other sites in the future.

2 Responses to “Where is the temperature data!!!? (And a couple other changes I need to pass on)”

  1. Jeff Id said

    I was also thinking of doing the same thing. My blog is nowhere near as old as yours but I have the urge to vent about other things at times. Have you seen the GISS disaster?

  2. The Diatribe Guy said

    GISS disaster? My link to the data only shows through September. Am I missing something? I finally tracked down the RSS data. They have a new link and data set because they’ve adjusted their approach. Both RSS and UAH are generally in line with the September anomalies.

    Unfortunately, I have been tied up in “leadership training” this week and it has sucked up a lot of my free time. I’m hoping to get to some charts tonight after the kids go to bed.

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