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Updated Temperature Charts to be forthcoming

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on November 12, 2008

I have been tied up this week with training sessions that have kept me from being able to spend the time necessary to update the temperature charts. I will get to them, and hopfully soon.

I have also been working to try and get my other blogs up and running, so that has taken some time, as well. It’s a slow process.

What I can say is the following:
1) RSS adjusted their methodology for adjusting the raw data this month, and now has a new version of the data produced. The changes look minimal. The October anomaly is pretty close to September and is lower than last October.

2) The UAH data has also released their anomaly, and it basically tracks with the RSS data.

3) NOAA had some bone-headed issue with the data that should have easily been noticed (temperature replications in Russia where the September readings were carried over into October) but didn’t. GISS used the NOAA data to produce their October anomaly, and didn’t notice (but should have) the extraordinarily high anomaly values for Russia. Their first anomaly was very high, as a result, and was soon taken down upon discovery of the issues. It’s almost amazing how many bones Hansen’s team throws the packs of skeptics to chew on. Anyway, they have now released the data and it was back down to near-September levels, though higher than last October.

None of the values are jaw-dropping. But, as always, I will be soon updating the charts for you.


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