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November 2008 Update on Global Temperature – RSS

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on November 30, 2008

Bullet points on Global Temperature anomalies for RSS:


October Anomaly

  • Anomaly value = 0.181, in degrees Celsius
  • Of 358 total anomalies in the data, it ranks 111th
  • Of 30 October anomalies, it ranks 10th
  • October’s anomaly is 0.044 degrees cooler than October 2007 and 0.013 degrees cooler than September 2008

Averages and trends

  • 12-month average anomaly is 0.079, which is the lowest 12-month average since the period ending May 2000
  • The slope since inception (January 1979) is 0.0013155 degrees Celsius per month, which corresponds to a warming per Century of 1.57 degrees
  • The furthest back we can extend a negative trend line is April 1997 – current.  The non-warming trend is now at 11 years, 7 months.  There is no other period in the data set with that long of a non-warming period.  That said, last month the line extended back to March 1997, so there was no elongation in the time period since last month.
  • It is the 13th consecutive month for which the anomaly is lower than the anomaly 12 months prior.  The last such stretch was the period ending February 2000 (14).  There were two additional periods prior to that stretch that were at least 13 months (one was 13 and the other 19).
  • Last 60-month slope = -0.3609, about the same level as the 4 previous months
  • Last 120-month slope = 0.0903.  Has increased since January 2008, and is expected to increase over the next two months due to higher anomalies dropping off the beginning of the trend line.  Currently at the highest level since March 2007.
  • Last 180-month slope = 0.1110, continuing long-term downward trends.  At its lowest point since the period ending November 1997.
  • Last 240-month slope = 0.1727, which drops the value to its lowest point since the period ending December 2006.
  • Last 300-month slope = 0.1708, which is still bouncing around the same area it has for the last 6 months.

Overall trend since 1979 is around 1.6 degrees per Century

We can extend a negative trend line as far back as April 1997

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