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Eighth Warmest November in Human History! (aka: December 2008 Update on Global Temperature – HadCrut)

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on December 16, 2008

The alarming rise in global temperatures continues unabated. Our planet is in peril, and for the last eight years, nothing has been done to stop this train wreck. Only now does it appear that someone is about to step in and take things seriously.

The information is found here, in column 2.. I encourage you to do your own analysis. The numbers are simply staggering.

The November 2008 anomaly is 0.387. This is a full 0.120 degrees Celsius warmer than November 2007. The implications of this is horrifying. At this rate, we will warm a full 12 degrees in 100 years. Swimming in the Arctic on New Years Day is a possibility with such an extreme rise in temperature. While the anomaly is 0.051 degrees cooler than October 2008, if we compare it to January 2008, we will see that the current anomaly is 0.338 degrees higher now than it was then. This is less than one year! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that 35 degrees of warming per Century is a disastrous scenario.

*8th warmest November anomaly out of 159 data points since 1850. Since we have no temperature records before 1850, we can conclude that this is the 8th warmest November in all of human history.
*87th warmest anomaly out of the total 1,907 monthly observations. 87th might not sound too scary, but consider that it is in the top 5% of all anomalies in all of human history! There is no hiding from the fact that temperatures are simply out of control. Also consider that a rank of 87 means that only 86 months in all of human history had higher anomalies. This is the Top 100! In the music world, if you hit the Top 100, it’s a big deal. In the temperature world, it’s not? Why aren’t we making a bigger deal of this?

*The latest 12-month average is now 31.5, which is a full 0.01 degrees Celsius increase from last month’s value.

*Four of the last 5 monthly anomalies are warmer year-over-year. That’s 80% of all anomalies in that time period.


Overall Trend

The overall trend since January 1850 has a slope of 0.0003649, which corresponds to warming of 0.4378 degrees Celsius per Century. Light blue lines are raw anomalies, and the black line is a 12-month smoothed number. We can ignore the slope of this line as irrelevant, because Carbon Dioxide didn

Non-Warming Trend

The current period for which we show no warming can be taken back to April 1997, or 11 years and 8 months. The new month did not extend the line back any further, but added one point at the end. The last time we had a stretch this long in the data with no warming was the period from January 1966 to August 1977. This cooling period actually demonstrates how significant the warming trend has been.

60-month HadCrut Current Slope

The most recent 60-month trend is only presented to point out how silly it is to try and talk about trends on such a short-term basis. Clearly, this is driven from La Nina and a PDO shift which should be discounted when talking about climate change. Only El Nino and a positive PDO are relevant. Again, if anything, this cooling only acts to serve as an indicator of how grave our situation is, when the hopeful ostriches cling to such flimsy hope as trends such as these.

300-month HadCrut Current Slope

I could present numerous charts with changes in slopes of all the trend lines, but this would confuse many of you simpletons who would be likely to read into the negative trends something that is simply not there. So, instead, I have decided only to present the one chart that I believe is most credible and menaingful, the 300-month trend. By pure coincidence, this chart happens to have the steepest trend line. I think it is clear the future this portends for us if we do not soon implement carbon taxes and credit swaps. We simply cannot act too soon.

IMPORTANT: Here are some common sense things you can do to help save the planet:

  • Boycott all stores that sell goods in boxes or plastic.  Only buy from stores that sell goods packaged in natural fibers or glass.
  • If you insist on celebrating Christmas, remove the star from your manger scene, if you have one of these silly displays.  These days, the wise men can use a GPS system to find their way.
  • Christmas lights should be put up, but not turned on unless you expect company.  Then, once your company is inside the house, turn them back off.
  • When you shower, save the water in the tub, so you can bath in it the next day.  It should be at room temperature, which is warm enough.
  • We all breathe out lethal carbon dioxide.  This is a flaw in our design, and there is little we can do about that.  However, we can reduce our emissions by moving as little as possible and keeping our heart rate low.  This also has the benefit of a lower life span, which will further reduce carbon emissions.

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  1. Jeff Id said

    You’ve moved about as far north as you can without a passport. I suggest building a shelter on a hill and an algae food generator in back with a solar desalination unit for the seawater. That’s what I’m doin’.

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