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It’s Snowing Again… in Vegas!

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on December 18, 2008

From this link:

A rare winter storm swept through Southern Nevada Wednesday, dumping the most snow on the valley in nearly three decades, grounding flights at the airport, forcing the closure of major highways and closing schools for today.

“This is the most snow we’ve had in Las Vegas in almost 30 years,” said Chris Stachelski, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “It’s a significant historical event.”

The heaviest snowfall occurred in the southeast valley, where about 3 inches of snow had accumulated by 7:45 p.m., with unconfirmed reports of as much as 6 inches in Henderson, he said.

Between 6 to 10 inches could fall in that area by the time the storm tapers off Thursday morning, and the northern and western parts of the valley could receive up to 4 inches of snowfall, he said.

Yet another indicator of how serious global warming has become.

5 Responses to “It’s Snowing Again… in Vegas!”

  1. Magnus said

    (Hi! A meta comment. I think the link isn’t there…??)

  2. The Diatribe Guy said

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve fixed it now.

  3. Andy said

    And its snowing on your blog!

  4. Jeff Id said

    Good stuff.

  5. […] Posted by Jeff Id on December 20, 2008 It’s Snowing Again… in Vegas! […]

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