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December 2008 Update on Global Temperature – GISS

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on December 23, 2008

I had intended to do a full write-up on this, but it’s late.  I am a victim once again of an agonizing Packers loss in a game they had no business losing.  Ugh.

But I did get the charts updated for your viewing pleasure, so I’ll get them up here.

What I will note is that the GISS anomaly is 58, and that the October number increased from 55 to 58, as well. According to GISS, the last 5 years have not cooled as quickly as every other temperature measure says we have. Also, while all other temperature measures tell us we’ve been flat dating back to 1997, the GISS flat period only goes back to January 2001.

I just present the data. Others have spent a great deal of time lamenting the differences in GISS results versus other results. So, with that, here are the charts:


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