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Views through January 2009 – Thanks Again!

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 31, 2009

Maybe it's not 6 digit views, but growth is growth.  Thanks, everyone.

Maybe it's not 6 digit views, but growth is growth. Thanks, everyone.

Click chart for larger view

It’s fun watching all sorts of trends, and blog views is no different. Taking a cue from Watts, I humbly present the monthly views above. I shall try to continue to provide data, commentary, stories, and insights to make your visits worthwhile. Please bear with the inevitable lulls in posting as I tend to other parts of my life that occasionally require a bit more attention.

2 Responses to “Views through January 2009 – Thanks Again!”

  1. Jeff Id said

    It’s good to see. One of my first posts said, everything in life has consequences except perhaps blogging to noone.

    How do you thumbnail your graphs, I used to be able to but the WP upgrade changed the functionality.

  2. The Diatribe Guy said

    When you insert a chart in the html, you can then click on your visual tab. Left click on your chart and you’ll get an icon in the upper left hand corner. Click on that icon, and it allows you to resize your chart down a percentage scale and link to the original file.

    For my charts, I have found the size I prefer in my posts and I just keep the code as a template, and go through and type in the file names of new charts by copying in the template code. That way I can avoid the step of clicking on the chart to figure out the size I want.

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