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Applauding a Positive Anomaly

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on February 12, 2009

I have lamented the bitter cold in Wisconsin this winter (and cooler temps overall for well over a year now) while I’ve looked upon data that has told me that the rest of the globe (and even other parts of the U.S.) has experienced warmer temperatures.

I am pleased to present the following chart, from NOAA, for the first week of February:




If one looks closely at my particular area, a strange and beautiful thing presents itself…   pink!   Yes, it was actually slightly above average late last week and into the weekend.   It carried over into this week, as well, and we have enjoyed some warmer temperatures – above average even – in the Dairy State. 

It has been nice.  But, as I type this, temps are heading back to about average, so we’ll be back in the 20s for daytime highs over the next few days.

In any event, for one short, glorious, time period my wish was granted.

I’m happy now.

2 Responses to “Applauding a Positive Anomaly”

  1. docattheautopsy said

    I agree. It was nice to grab the kids and do a stroll about town as the temps lifted into the 50’s. Plus all the gray snow melted to reveal the pre-spring Wisconsin brown…

  2. litesong said

    During the winter, the Arctic displayed changes in the rate of Arctic sea ice formation. While the sun was below the horizon for many months, on 4 occasions (maybe a fifth), warm fronts moved into the 8.55 million square mile Arctic, bringing sea ice formation to a stand still. Simultaneously, the warm fronts drove cold Arctic air down onto N.America (specially eastern U.S.) & Europe.

    A classic example, was the day of January 16, 2009 when Maine set their lowest ever temperature of -50 degs F. At the same time, a warm front lay on the Arctic for 11 days, stopping sea ice formation for that entire time.

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