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The NOAA and Claims of the Highest August Ocean Temperature

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on September 17, 2009

I was going to write a post on this whole thing, but before I did, I decided to scan some of the otehr blogs. It would appear that I have little to add to this, so I am gooing to link to them instead.

Here’s the basic summary: NOAA announced that we’ve just seen the highest Ocean Surface temperatures in, like, ever! Here’s the link at Watts giving us that story.

Jeff at The Air Vent also provided us with a skeptical take on the announcement. His post has since been updated, to now refer to ICECAP’s Joe D’Aleo, who summarizes the now-discovered issue:

Icecap Note: to enable them to make the case the oceans are warming, NOAA chose to remove satellite input into their global ocean estimation and not make any attempt to operationally use Argo data in the process. This resulted in a jump of 0.2C or more and “a new ocean warmth record” in July. ARGO tells us this is another example of NOAA’s inexplicable decision to corrupt data to support political agendas.

Bob Tisdale now has a guest post on Watts Up With That, showing the incongruence in NOAA’s assessment versus others.

This is so blatant, it’s almost amazing.

Whatever one’s thoughts on climate change, nobody should stand for such shoddy science, changes in methodology, and exaggerated statements of “fact.”

It does nobody any good.


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