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Flannel-lined Jeans are Really Nice

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on December 10, 2009

It was not the coldest we’ll see here today, but it was 1 degree above zero (Fahrenheit for you foreigners) this morning, and despite our valued Wisconsin toughness, that’s still cold enough to give one a jolt in the morning.

In the past, I have worn long underwear in times of particular wimpiness, but I’ve tried to avoid it. First of all, my jeans are comfortable for normal wear, but you throw in another layer and it feels a little bulky. Second, most of these long underwear things fit snug enough where it creates this annoying feeling of discomfort on two levels: (1) the need for an occasional, um, “male adjustment” if you know what I mean, and (2) that weird sensitive feeling you get when something fits a bit too tightly and presses down the hairs on your legs all day.

Too much info? OK, sorry.

Well, enter my birthday this year, where I knew I was getting old when I was actually excited to get a pair of flannel-lined jeans. Visions of swinging an axe while wearing the jeans danced in my head, making me feel like a real man.

But now I realize that I can’t not wear them. They are comfy and warm at all times. I love them. Especially today.

At least they’re jeans. You won’t see me promoting the snuggie. Though, I do favor hot chocolate with peppermint. So sue me for being comfortable with my masculinity…

2 Responses to “Flannel-lined Jeans are Really Nice”

  1. Mike said

    Love those things, although I don’t wear jeans much. I have a few pairs of flannel-lined dress pants that I wear to work in the winter. Absolutely wonderful.

  2. Fluffy Clouds (Tim L) said

    one thing…… free ranging in longjohns (long underwear)
    much better…
    try a winter here in michigan in a SNOW BELT !

    I get a chuckle from a 2 foot drift…lol… that is normal depth of snow fall.

    oh take tire chains with you. my kit is:
    small short T handle metal square shove.
    16′ logging chain ( works nice under tires for traction)
    tire chains ( fitted to tires and tried)
    extra warm gloves, over coat
    #12 plastic grain shovel

    just another michigan day.
    Tennessee is looking better every day!!!

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