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On the Personal Side of Things…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 7, 2010

So, I kind of left you hanging a bit on my last post, but I thought I’d at least let you know what happened.

First of all, I caught something or another a couple months ago – end of October I think – that really knocked me off my feet. Since that time, I never quite bounced back to feeling quite right. Probably wasn’t getting enough sleep, wasn’t taking my vitamins as religiously as I should have, but never fully recovered, either. Battled a cough and this dry, gunky congestion all along.

In Mid-December, I got sick again, this time a sore throat and more congestion. It was so difficult to get the junk out of my head, though, that by around Christmas time everytime I blew my nose a lot of blood came out – so I must have had a couple blown capillaries or something.

A few years ago I had a staph infection in my throat, and I commented to my wife that the way my sore throat felt was similar to that time. But, day by day it got better, so I didn’t think all that much about it. Just another cold, you know?

Then came Christmas, where we are traveling back and forth and while it is very nice in a way, the stress and activity level is also high. I think this wore me down, starting the process that landed me in the hospital.

On December 30, as I was returning home from running errands, I noticed that the lower left jaw line was really sore to the touch. My sore throat was gone at this point, so that was kind of weird. Oh, well, took some Ibuprofin and it took the edge off – no big deal. December 31, I woke up and realized the pain had spread to the right jaw line, and up to my cheeks. I went outside and did a few things and felt like I needed a nap. During the nap, I woke up chilled and my entire face hurt, and my nose became very sensitive to the touch. OK, finally I got the message and went into urgent care.

Acute Sinusitis (basically, a bad sinus infection). Easily treatable. Take Amoxycillin for the prescribed period, and it should go away.

OK, that sucks but at least I know what’s wrong – at least we all thought. Didn’t go out for the New Year, I stayed home and literally slept for 15 hours, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 am the next morning. I woke up feeling horrible, and then I looked in the mirror – my nose had literally exploded. I can’t not be gross about this… the darkest red imaginable, twice its normal size, covered with yellow blisters of pus, and oozing liquid. My fever was spiked. I called a friend of mine who is an ER doctor and asked if this was normal for a sinus infection. She said “No, get back in right away. I’ll call ahead for you.”

They gave me a very strong antibiotic via IV, concerned that the aggressiveness and speed with which this infection was presenting itself could get into the cartilage, but worse yet into my blood stream or even my brain. After the treatment, I was told to come back for another treatment in 6-8 hours. That I did, and when they saw me, they realized I had gotten even worse, and that’s when they admitted me into the hospital for even more aggressive treatment.

Long story short, it wasn’t until the morning of January 3 before they finally saw the progress they wanted to see to ensure that treatment was working. I came home last Sunday, then, and have been back at work the last couple days, and doing much better. I’m on two oral antibiotics at the moment and a topical one for the infected area, as well.

I am tired, but I can tell that my head feels different. I must have had a mild infection for some time that I was just not able to eradicate for quite a while, and they think that a combination of a number of things led to an infection that started with the blown capillaries in my nose, and ultimately played havoc with the entire damn thing. It had started spreading to the area under my eyes when they admitted me, and that’s as bad as it got.

So, this isn’t my “personal” blog, but I wanted to explain my inactivity here. The last two months have been pretty rough, and I’ve been busy with little leftover energy to devote to things. I am hopeful that this will change, and soon I will have the energy and wherewithal to take a look at the numbers and get you guys updated with the charts you’ve grown to expect from me.

Hope you all have a stellar 2010! And all I can say is: Thank God for a health care system that gets me in right away, can admit me to a hospital immediately, and is able to start aggressive treatment when needed.


6 Responses to “On the Personal Side of Things…”

  1. Jeff Id said

    Wow, that’s a heck of a story. I’m glad to hear you are better now. At least someone got one last good use out of our healthcare system before it’s thrown away in a futile effort to enact socialist utopia.

  2. Wow Joe! Quite a scare! Glad to hear you’re OK though.

  3. trbixler said

    Good to hear that you are on the mend. These bugs can indeed be dangerous.

  4. R Shearer said

    Sorry about your health problems; happy that you’re recovering.

  5. Mark Baker said

    Scary story,glad to see you are well and take care of yourself.


  6. Ayrdale said

    Very nasty mate. I’d go to see a good dentist to see if you may have a persistent low grade periodontal (gum) infection. Nothing alarming, but often overlooked and could have been the precursor to your awful trouble.

    Happy new year !

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