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A Quick Recognition of Fine Work

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 22, 2010

I have added Bob Tisdale to my blogroll, and I want to take this opportunity to encourage visitors to take advantage of some of the superb information that is out there from people smarter and more capable than I am.

I have had only limited opportunity to review Bob’s work, but from going to his blog directly and from readong guest posts elsewhere, it is clear that he’s a smart guy who puts a lot of effort into his work. Please check his site out. A link is now to the right.

While I’m at it, ALL the blogs under my blogroll have been placed there for a reason. Some used to be more active than they are now, but I keep them there as a source of some interesting older information if that is the case.

In particluar, I’d like to highlight a couple of them. Most of you who keep up to date on climate blogs will no doubt already be well aware – and probably frequent – these sites. But for newbies, I’d like to highlight some sites that have been particularly fruitful for my own expansion of knowledge in this arena:

1) Climate Audit does a fantastic job at the menial task of ripping apart data, auditing reports and papers and results. It is valuable work that I have no desire to perform myself, but to whom I applaud those who do. Steve is tops in his field at this, and if you really want to understand the nitty gritty behind what the details are about within the community of skeptics, this is a great resource. If you’re not technically or analytically minded, it will be boring as hell. Just being honest.

2) Lucia’s Blackboard does a great job with many of the statistical issues in analyzing trend and data.

3) The Air Vent may be my personal favorite. Similar to Steve at Climate Audit, Jeff will practically kill himself trying to recreate the process of how some author of some paper came to a particular conclusion. Unlike Steve, Jeff doesn’t give much of a hoot about being politically correct or balanced in his opinion. So, he also puts a lot of entertaining stories and rants on his site.

4) Watts Up With That is the Kingpin of climate sites. Anthony doesn’t necessarily do much hard analysis on his own, but he took a site, put a lot of work into it, brought his own expertise as a meteorologist into the mix, and really provided an initial push that fed a crowd that was looking for the type of information he was willing to provide. He offers many guest posts across the spectrum of climate related subject matter, so his site really represents a great cross-section of news on the solar front, the ocean front, the temperature front, and the political front. Sometimes just a video or a news story, sometimes opinionated, sometimes quite analytical, if there’s only one site to go to on a daily basis, this is probably the one.

The others that I did not list are not unworthy. I consider the above list the Cadillacs. These are the ones I check out very consistently. The others are worthy of your time and review, as well.

And thanks, as well, for those who check out Digital Diatribes. I can only hope you find the site worthy of whatever time you spend here.


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