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What’s a Tired Climate Blogger to do?

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on July 6, 2010

Clearly, my posts have waned to ridiculously low levels.

I throw up a Forex account update twice a month for anyone interested in this little experiment, which probably aren’t all that many people.

So, what has happened to loveable old Joe? Where are the charts? Where are the opinions on global warming? Am I ducking and running because there have been warmer temperatures in recent months?

Let me address those quesitons in order:
1) Loveable old Joe is still here. But loveable old Joe has had to reassess how and where to spend his valuable old time. (OK, enough third person…) I know I’ve offered a couple previous posts in the past on this, but I wanted to elaborate a little bit.

I have a pretty good job, and I feel blessed to have it. I’ve been fortunate enough to be successful at it and make a good name for myself with company management. This has invited more responsibility. With more responsibility comes more opportunity, and with that, more demands on time.

In the past, I could steal some time here and there or on breaks or over lunch to pull climate data and crunch some numbers. I enjoyed doing it. And there would be times where, even if I couldn’t steal that time during the day, I could do so at the end of the work day. Or, at home.

This available time has depreciated considerably. Not only that, but as my responsibilities at work increase, the less inclined I am to spend the free time I have working on spreadsheets on a computer. Sure, I’d enjoy it to a degree, but I also enjoy many, many other things. I have decided to mainly pursue many of those other interests. But more than that, this is also driven by outside responsibilities.

You see, along with job responsibilities during the day, my family obligations have increased from an “available time” perspective. I have eight kids. Oh, sure, that’s always provided a time challenge. But as all parents know, as kids get older they get more involved. I don’t want to miss out on that. So, I coached my 7 year-old’s baseball team this year. I give my kids piano lessons. I go to 4H meetings with the kids. And so on. I’m sure you can all appreciate that climate blogging takes a back seat to these things.

Then, there’s the music thing. As it is, I barely write music any more and spend less time actually recording it. I miss that. I have been practicing once or twice a week with a band that will be giving a concert this Friday night. It’s volunteer, but it’s a love of mine that I don’t want to entirely abandon. I pretty much lead the thing and put all the music together, and it’s taken a large chunk of time. But worth every moment, because it’s forced me to reconnect with an outside interest that I always feel kind of guilty pursuing on my own.

Don’t get me wrong… I love science. I love exploring the numbers. I love expressing my opinion. But time is time. They don’t make more of it. Something ahs to give.

2) Where are the charts? Quite honestly, way back when I put the charts together as part of my general blog, I never intended it to be more than a simple look at the numbers and to provide some random musings about what they meant. Many of those old charts still get referenced around the web, and they kind of took on a life of their own. I never intended to champion anything other than to just look at the data. I’m not sorry that I got caught up in blogging seriously about the details, because it forced me to look at some things in an interesting way, it forced me to revisit some statistics that I needed brushing up on, and it forced me to learn a few things I needed to learn to have a semi-intelligent discussion on matters.

Along the way, I recgnized waves in the data and tied that to ocean cycles. Along the way, I did correlation analyses to sunspots that showed the importance of “persistence” in elevated levels and associated lag effects. Along the way, I demonstrated that almost all the warming in the last 30 years came from a single jump, and that the trend lines on either side of that jump are flat. Along the way, I presented charts on different time frames that showed both warming and cooling. I showed how the slopes of different lines have changed over time, to provide yet another level of insight into the trends. I looked at all the different temperature indices.

However, while I feel pretty good about a couple deeper analyses (the correlation of sunspots, the best fit sine waves against PDO and AMO cycles, and the best-fit double-sine wave cycles against HadCrut are my favorites) the temperature charts aren’t rocket science. It’s just a trend line.

I never intended, nor did I desire, to delve into all the ins and outs of the data like others do. And along the way, I’ve decided that my charts are of minimal additive value to the wonderful work that people like Jeff at The Air Vent, or Anthony Watts, among a plethora of others.

While I could see blogging about my simple opinion about a story here or a story there in the future, I just decided that for the additional value of it, the time spent compiling these charts isn’t of high enough value to compel me to continue. Now, for a while, I thought I’d try to get to it every 3 months or so. But even that didn’t happen.

Probably the only thing I can say at this point is that I may, in the future, put some charts together when enough time has passed to make an updated chart relevant. One might argue that I’m already there, but my schedule being what it is, I probably won’t get to it any time real soon. Now, I may look at some of my favorite analyses again, because I felt they were more insightful and contributed a bit more to the discussion. Ironically, some of those “favorite” pieces of work from my perspective received few comments, while I’d often get linked to all over the place from a simple trend line chart. Go figure.

3) Where are the opinions on global warming? Quite honestly, I never thought anyone came here to hear me blab about my thoughts on this story or that story. If I’m being honest, I’m much more energized by the thought of just putting up quick posts that make fun of somebody for saying or doing something than I am about the thought of deep analysis. So, in a sense, I kind of felt “locked up.” I didn’t want to post anything if I couldn’t do the charts or something. In a way, this directly broke a rule I had set up for myself, where I just wanted the blog to be what I wanted it to be. But I realize I still felt a bit like I needed to post charts or analysis if I posted anything. I mean, there are plenty of sites that post sotries and links and comment on them.

But, I can pretty much say at this point that (a) this is pretty much what I will be doing going forward, because if I don’t, I won’t be doing much of anything at all, and (b) my opinion is awesome, and even if nobody else reads it, I like expressing it.

Am I ducking and running? While the timing is suspect, no. I fully recognize and appreciate the fact that monthly temps have increased lately. There’s this whole El Nino thing going on and we’ve had “the warmest on record.” I never run away from the data. I don’t hide it, and never have. If things are warming, I’ll say as much.

Now, that won’t change my mind without further evidence that this has much at all to do with human activity. It’s two separate issues to recognize that the last few months are warm and then to attribute that warmness to one thing or another without specific correlation analyses that deomnstrate it.

So this is not a matter of ducking and running. It’s a matter of time and desire and a recognition that others are doing yeoman’s work out there of which I have little to add. So I’ll probably just go back to trying to find anecdotal things to make fun of, politicians to be sarcastic about, and overall just have a jolly good time.

Jeff once asked me a question: Have you given up? At the time, the answer was “no.” Today, the answer is “sort of.” My plan is now to simply have fun. Typing up an opinion of a dumb random story is far less time-consuming than putting together charts, saving those charts, uploading them, titling them, analyzing them, and then finally posting a summary of the analysis. I guess I’m just lazy.

You can also expect to see continued Forex updates. In case you haven’t noticed, this strategy actually seems to be working. Those posts don’t take any time at all because I already have all the information handy. We’re not talking millions of dollars or anything, but if I continue to make money, I’ll be getting more aggressive with that.

The dozen or so of you who still check in deserve an explanation for my absence, and probablye subsequent change in behavior. I’m hoping I’m re-energized by the thought of just posting quicker opinions on stuff without being asked to be some sort of expert in analysis. Maybe this change in approach will even get me to revisit some of my charts occasionally.

Hope all the U.S. readers had a wonderful 4th of July. Well, actually, I hope everyone did, but you know what I mean.


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A Quick Recognition of Fine Work

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 22, 2010

I have added Bob Tisdale to my blogroll, and I want to take this opportunity to encourage visitors to take advantage of some of the superb information that is out there from people smarter and more capable than I am.

I have had only limited opportunity to review Bob’s work, but from going to his blog directly and from readong guest posts elsewhere, it is clear that he’s a smart guy who puts a lot of effort into his work. Please check his site out. A link is now to the right.

While I’m at it, ALL the blogs under my blogroll have been placed there for a reason. Some used to be more active than they are now, but I keep them there as a source of some interesting older information if that is the case.

In particluar, I’d like to highlight a couple of them. Most of you who keep up to date on climate blogs will no doubt already be well aware – and probably frequent – these sites. But for newbies, I’d like to highlight some sites that have been particularly fruitful for my own expansion of knowledge in this arena:

1) Climate Audit does a fantastic job at the menial task of ripping apart data, auditing reports and papers and results. It is valuable work that I have no desire to perform myself, but to whom I applaud those who do. Steve is tops in his field at this, and if you really want to understand the nitty gritty behind what the details are about within the community of skeptics, this is a great resource. If you’re not technically or analytically minded, it will be boring as hell. Just being honest.

2) Lucia’s Blackboard does a great job with many of the statistical issues in analyzing trend and data.

3) The Air Vent may be my personal favorite. Similar to Steve at Climate Audit, Jeff will practically kill himself trying to recreate the process of how some author of some paper came to a particular conclusion. Unlike Steve, Jeff doesn’t give much of a hoot about being politically correct or balanced in his opinion. So, he also puts a lot of entertaining stories and rants on his site.

4) Watts Up With That is the Kingpin of climate sites. Anthony doesn’t necessarily do much hard analysis on his own, but he took a site, put a lot of work into it, brought his own expertise as a meteorologist into the mix, and really provided an initial push that fed a crowd that was looking for the type of information he was willing to provide. He offers many guest posts across the spectrum of climate related subject matter, so his site really represents a great cross-section of news on the solar front, the ocean front, the temperature front, and the political front. Sometimes just a video or a news story, sometimes opinionated, sometimes quite analytical, if there’s only one site to go to on a daily basis, this is probably the one.

The others that I did not list are not unworthy. I consider the above list the Cadillacs. These are the ones I check out very consistently. The others are worthy of your time and review, as well.

And thanks, as well, for those who check out Digital Diatribes. I can only hope you find the site worthy of whatever time you spend here.

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A Little Contemplation: What My Blog Is, and What it Isn’t

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 15, 2010

I read the happy note from Jeff at The Air Vent, regarding his blog traffic and congratulate him on having taken his blog from a little-known entity to a must-read for thousands of people. Jeff is a great guy and his work has astounded me. Not only has he put a great deal of effort into digging into the minutae of different data sets, running reconstructions, and analyzing the statistical and modeling methods of various papers and scientists, but he has done so in an entertaining way. In addition, he has kept his blog very active, always providing his readers with new information or thoughts.

This set me into contemplation mode. I’m an actuary who happened to start playing around with some numbers a while back with regard to all this temperature stuff. I had started my blog not as a science or stats or global warming blog, but as an outlet for random posts and thoughts. I really had no intention of doing it, but my wife encouraged me and actually set it up initially to try to get me to do it. Why? Because I’ve always enjoyed writing, and she perceived that I needed an outlet.

Some time ago, this blog moved more and more towards a global-warming theme, to the point where I actually gained an increased audience (not like Jeff’s, but it was growing on a weekly and monthly basis) because I guess a few people liked the charts I was throwing out. This caused a bit of a conundrum: if people were coming here for one primary reason, those same people likely didn’t care about thoughts on completely unrelated things. My blog was somewhat schizophrenic. So, I decided to just create different blogs for different topics. Largely, those other blogs are mostly inactive, but occasionally I get the urge to post something, and so I do.

Which leads me to the question about what this – and my other blogs – are really about. What are my goals? What’s the purpose?

Let me start with an observation: We have some very, very good analysts out in the blogosphere. We have guys like Jeff, and Steve McIntyre, and Lucia who are not only smarter than me, but really, really get into getting dirty with the source of data, making sense of it, reconstructing it, and discovering exactly what all the assumptions are and whether the approach looks to be sound. I am NOT one of those people, and I have no desire to be. I’m much more high-level. Sure, as an actuary I need to do these things, but in the end I’m more of a business-sense/common-sense/80-20 rule kind of guy. I very much enjoy manipulating data and observing trends, and noting interesting things about the data. I have NO desire at all to really dig into all the details about how that data is produced, what the algorithms and assumptions are, and all that.

Fortunately, there is no need for me to do that. We have People like Jeff, Steve, and Lucia (among others) to handle that. They really get into it, and they deserve much credit. It is a very time-consuming, and often frustrating, exercise. I have neither the time nor personal commitment to do the same.

So, from an actual content standpoint, my blog is more or less about looking at the data we have and manipulating it to see what it tells me. What are the trrends? How can I analyze it and what are the conclusions? I fully admit that the analysis is only as good as the underlying data, and there are problems with the data to one degree or another, and we have others to let us know about them. However, my interest is in using the data I have rather than solving all the issues related to it.

Then there’s the frequency of posting and commitment aspect. The Superman in the climate blogosphere is clearly Anthony Watts. I don’t consider his blog in the same light as Jeff, Lucia, and Steve’s. Most often, any technical analysis is a guest post, and he covers an entire range of topics on a daily basis, from simple news stories to heads up on simple trends, to highly technical analysis of one thing or another. It’s a great catch-all source that is almost everyone’s starting point for the daily global-warming-news-fix. But where he and other successful bloggers (those who get thousands of followers) set themselves apart, in addition to quality content, is the commitment to blogging. Posts every day – usually multiple ones – with quality effort behind them. Good presentation, as well.

So, I contemplated my own blog, and quite honestly determined that I’m fine with what I do. I have to admit to my relatively fewer readers that the primary purpose of this blog was – and still is – an outlet for me. By no means am I minimizing my appreciation and gratitude for all those who visit – believe me, even seeing a few hundred hits will keep me going at times where I feel like stopping altogether. And the fact that people do check in makes me want to put together a post of high enough quality that it be interesting and understandable. Sometimes this actually deters me from posting, because it takes more time to put my thoughts together this way than if I just hopped on and threw out some random observations.

Also, I fully admit that it’s pretty intriguing to look at the blog traffic stats and see them improving. It does make you want to get to that next level. At times, I’ve tried to force commitment to the blog for that very reason. But because this isn’t really my driving force, I end up overdoing it for my available time and then kind of go into hiatus for a while, which probably isn’t good either. So, I really need to just accept, and hope my readers accept, that the blog will just be updated when it gets updated. I’ll go in streaks where I need this as more of an outlet at times than others. I’ll go in streaks with what it is I feel like analyzing. And as long as I accept that I’ll never be one of those 10,000 readers a day guys, this is actually somewhat of a comforting thought. Once you reach those levels, I suspect you’ve pretty much committed to it, and you need to make sure you’re blocking out enough time to keep it going.

In summary: Please continue to check in, but understand that I’m not in this to the extent that others are. However, I haven’t lost interest in the subject, and I will continue to post my charts and observations as determined by my need and desire to do so, and my available time. Remember that my analysis is usually pretty straightforward. I’ve never really felt like what I present is anything extraordinary, but perhaps it’s just presented or looked at in a little bit of a different way than what’s often presented. Please support other bloggers with your daily check-ins who put so much effort and time into what they are doing. I truly believe that we are all playing a very important role into slowly but surely getting people to re-think some of the propaganda they’ve been spoon-fed for years.

And, by the way, I am back to my old self. I feel the best I have in months, and that in and of itself will probably get me posting more.

Take care, everyone. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Misleading Graphs?

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on September 1, 2009

As anyone with a blog knows, WordPress (and I’m sure the other blog sites) do a nice job of showing you how people got to your site. Under the “blog stats” area, if activity is generated from a link to your page, it gives you a trackback to the link. This allows the interested blogger to check back and see who posted the link, and in what context.

I’m sure a guy like Anthony Watts has enough of these links pointing to his site that he doesn’t have time to check them out. But since my traffic is a small fraction of his, I often take a few minutes to check out and see what someone found interesting enough to provide a link for. It’s always kind of fun when I see it’s to something like “”.

Occasionally, there will be comments that I’d kind of like to respond to, but not enough that I want to sign up for the site or anything, so I just let it flow out into the ether.

Well, yesterday there was, in fact, a link to an environmental discussion forum. Predictably, some guy was spouting off about “deniers” and how they are being dishonest because it’s now proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there is anthroprogenic global warming. Read the rest of this entry »

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I suppose I should post something…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on July 7, 2009

So much to do, so little time.  I seem to have somehow misplaced my HadCrut notes in the midst of my life.


For giggles, here’s a little “Life Update” that has absolutely nothing to do with climate, although I may add that it’s been very nice here lately, with perfectly warm temperatures that makes one yearn for more.

So, let’s see… 

1) I’ve managed to let my analysis here slide while I continue to forge ahead with my FOREX experimentation.  This is taking anywhere from an hour to 2 hours a day, but lately is looking as if it may bear fruit.  Only time will tell, as the market can turn on you in a hurry.   I’ll update you occasionally.  I’m an honest guy, so I’ll tell you right now that I am down in my account, but not as much as I was 2 weeks ago.  You really shouldn’t trade real money before you know what you’re doing, but it’s tough for me to really take it seriously otherwise.  But I don’t recommend it unless you just truly have some disposable income that you can afford to lose.   I’m still breathing!   I have started  a trading journal online that I’ll point you to some day if my current strategy continues in success.  (Big IF at this point, but we’ll see.)

2) Had to take some family time around the 4th of July.  Hope all had a happy Independence Day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Here’s Where I’ve Been…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on April 15, 2009

It has been a while. I thank you for your patience. Any of you who grew accustomed to coming here for my updated numbers deserve my sincerest apologies for dropping out of sight. Going forward, please continue to check in occasionally. Perhaps on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. I will not be posting as frequently as in the past for the foreseeable future, but do plan on posting more than I have in the past month or two (which is basically nothing).

I believe I owe it to you to explain why this sudden switch in my habits occurred. I do so knowing in advance that many will see my time spent foolishly. I’m fine with that.

This really started last September. I have posted in the past that I am employed by a particular company that has basically taken about as large as a beating from the press and politicians as imaginable. Much if this well deserved, and much of it not. I am not here to denigrate my employer nor am I here to defend it in all aspects. And, fortunately, I am somewhat insulated by all the goings-on because of the particular entity I work for.

However, while not a lot has personally changed for me on the exterior, a lot has changed in how I see my place in the world. My company is a very solid operation, but nonetheless has its own vulnerabilities, particularly if there is an extended economic downturn. And, personally, I believe that, in the next 5-10 years, the current issues we are experiencing will be child’s play. I am not here to ask anyone to agree with me or subscribe to my political philosophy. But I must share my viewpoint here to better outline why I’ve been up to what I’ve been up to.

With the bailouts in September and October, our system changed. This was not a good thing, in my view. Then, after the abominable (in my view) stimulus package, we threw ourselves over the cliff. I firmly believe that we will see a short-term (1-3 year) bump from this, and then the day will come where China and other stakeholders stop supplying loans to us, and worse yet – calls their existing loans back – and we will be absolutely devastated. We will have two options: default, or print trillions of dollars on top of what we are already printing. In a very short time, the dollar crashes, everything that we import (basically everything) will increase in price – perhaps tenfold or more – and overnight we are at a point of no return.

And you’re saying… what the hell does this have to do with blogging?

Well, I suppose if you do not agree with my stark assessment of the future, you think I’m being silly. That’s OK. In fact, I absolutely hope you are correct. But if I’m right, then it required me to really assess my situation and do everything I can to protect my family. All my free time has been in doing research and trying to figure out who to listen to and who not to, and to really have a plan of action for ourselves. At the same time, my goal is to do things that are prudent under any circumstance.

This post could go on forever with what this all entails, but I won’t bore you with all that. It’s just been very time-consuming, and I feel there is an urgency to this. I expect that, in the short-term, we have an opportunity to prepare for the long-term.

I had to assess many things, and one of those things is “what happens to my family if, worst case, I not only lose my job but can’t find another one?”

This spurred me on to many options. One option is somewhat out of the ordinary. It is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market. I have spent countless hours researching this market, testing trading strategies, learning to program in the language of the trading platform, and so on. The volume of learning I have done, and have yet to do, is huge. And this, primarily, is where my blogging time went.

Now, it’s fair to ask how this all comes into play. Especially if you are aware – and many surely are – that depending on the estimate, 80% – 95% of all people trading in the market lose money. This isn’t exactly perceived as a low-risk venture to protect the family!

Well, there are different ways to view this. If you simply consider it investing, then a passive investor is nearly sure to lose money. A non-passive investor has about a dozen different pitfalls that will end up in money-loss. I have become convinced over the last three months from my own efforts that the reward here is directly proportional to knowledge, strategy, money management, and experience. We’ll see, though. Now, I’m not necessarily here to convince anyone of anything. But what I can offer is that I am not approaching this as an investment. I am approaching it as a business. The percentage of small businesses that fail are similar to the Forex numbers, and for many of the same reasons. I am willing to struggle through losses to learn, because I’d be investing in a business, anyway.

But this market makes sense to me in these times, because I can envision our traditional investments in stocks and real estate potentially becoming worthless. This is, for me, a diversification of funds, and an alternate method of wealth generation that – if it works out – is the first step towards not being dependent on my job in 3-5 years. Of course, it could fail miserably. And that’s OK. I’m only risking money I can afford to lose, and I won’t be any worse off a few years from now than if I didn’t try. Besides, even if ALL the other reasons for doing this end up not being a concern, the analysis using trends and different indicators is really a lot of fun for a guy like me. I am riveted by the constantly updating charts and data. I can really play the role of geek with that.

I really don’t know if anyone is interested on all this or not. I just felt I owed an explanation. Silly or not, it is what it is. And this will require continued effort on my part, which means I do not anticipate getting back into extensive blogging. Now, if I make millions and quit my job, then that’s another story! (So, if someone has millions to give, if they really, really like my blog, I’m all ears!)

OK, so having posted this, you’ll be happy to know that I have the charts saved and the numbers scribbled for UAH. A post is forthcoming on that update!

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I will be back in April…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on April 2, 2009

I heartily apologize for the neglect of this blog over the last month and a half. Of course, such gaps do cause lapses in readership, which is perfectly understandable. There’s only so many times a person wants to check into a blog to see that nothing has been updated.

As I previously mentioned, I have had all of my free time consumed by a few other things going on. One of these was a personal choice. I am focusing on a new pursuit that is taking up every spare moment, while still trying to maintain my other responsibilities. While that pursuit will continue, the time required should subside a bit going forward. I probably won’t have as much time in the future to devote to my climate interest as in the past, but I should be able to get back into a few posts per month that delve into the analysis that has interested many of the readers of this blog.

Of course, I missed the opportunity for the “12 Full Years of No Warming” headline last month. That kind of sucks. But I’ll get into that soon.

Thanks for continuing to check in.

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What’s Going on?

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on February 23, 2009

Yes, loyal climate change and temperature analysis addicts, I am still here.

Let me explain why there has been a lull. I am hoping (really!) to get to some things this week that will update a lot of the stuff I look at before the month ends. So don’t lose hope and keep checking.

Over the last couple weeks, I have been very busy with work, which unfortunately, pays infinitely more bills than this blog does. So, when work obligations increase, blogging must decrease for the sake of food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, it just so happened that there was a confluence of meetings and obligations among the few outside organizations/programs I am involved with, so even my personal time has been quite affected.

And, admittedly, I have filled the remaining time with another endeavor that has involved a huge learning curve, and has successfully driven my wife bonkers.

I am just like the rest of you – seeing my 401(k) drop to a 201(k). And while, under the theory that it will rebound by the time I need to retire in 20-25 years or so, I continue to faithfully contribute to what seems at the moment to be a losing cause, I have decided to not just sit around and do nothing with my money. I have really been taking my time to study some of the other markets, and have opened up a demo account on the foreign exchange markets. Yes, the risks are great. Depending on what you read, anywhere from 75% to 95% of all traders in the market end up losing money. Based on what I have read, the successful traders seem to have the ability to develop and stick with a system, accept bad trades, never get into a gambler’s mentality, and obviously just practice and learn the markets. So, my plan is long term and to use demo accounts to learn the actual trading. In the meantime, I have been learning the trading platform, trying to understand the lingo, getting a full understanding of what the optimal amount to risk at any one time is and just what to look for, etc. This has taken up all my time recently as I try to get a foothold in this market.

I only share this to let you all know (1) why I dropped the stock experiment. That money will go to this. And, quite honestly, right now as risky as the Forex market may be, I don’t really see it as any more risky than the stock market, and (2) just to let you know that, while I’m trying to juggle my priorities, I have not forgotten about you and will be working on some things very soon.

Thanks for continuing to check in.

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Any Willing Guest Posters?

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on February 17, 2009

This post is a sticky… scroll down for new posts.

Guest posts always welcome!

If interested, just shoot something to my address.

If you’d like to do so, I’d prefer the following to be done for ease in posting:
1) Type up the post in a word document. Place any charts or pics in the word document where you want them.
2) Separately attach the charts to the e-mail for simple saving/uploading.
3) Let me know how you’d prefer a guest post be handled from an accreditation standpoint.

I’m also fine with posting a guest post from someone else’s blog with a link to that blog, if desired, with the same format as above.

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Views through January 2009 – Thanks Again!

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on January 31, 2009

Maybe it's not 6 digit views, but growth is growth.  Thanks, everyone.

Maybe it's not 6 digit views, but growth is growth. Thanks, everyone.

Click chart for larger view

It’s fun watching all sorts of trends, and blog views is no different. Taking a cue from Watts, I humbly present the monthly views above. I shall try to continue to provide data, commentary, stories, and insights to make your visits worthwhile. Please bear with the inevitable lulls in posting as I tend to other parts of my life that occasionally require a bit more attention.

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