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The Passing of John A. Eddy

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on June 12, 2009

In a post at Watts Up With That? today, I learned that John A. Eddy has passed away. Please see Anthony’s blog entry here: Watts’ entry on Eddy’s passing.

As I mentioned in a comment there, this has relevance to me in that I was very taken by a coouple early papers that I tracked down, read, and summarized here at Digital Diatribes. Please check them out here:
Eddy #1
Eddy #2

One of the take-aways from that little research I did was not so much the scientific study, but an overall general conclusion. I had quoted it in the second post, and will do so again here:

It would seem that Maunder and Spoerer were right and that most of the rest of us have been wrong. As is often the case in the onrush of modern science, we had too quickly forgotten the past, forgotten the less-than-perfect pedigree of the sunspot cycle and the fact that it too once came as a surprise. We had adopted a kind of solar uniformitarianism, contending that the modern behavior of the sun represented the normal behavior of the sun over a much longer span of time.

John A. Eddy

Even though he’s talking about the sunspot cycle, when I read that, I realized that the “consensus” on climate change in the scientific community is not necessarily a new issue. We are humans, and we tend to gravitate towards groupthink. It takes a special person or persons to question the consensus. Not willy-nilly questioning just to be a pain, mind you. But honest-to-goodness “I don’t think you’re right, and I have valid reasons for that” questioning.

Do not be afraid to question the current scientific consensus. They may just be blogs, but the blogroll to the right provides some excellent resources for understanding valid reasons to question the consensus. And there are scientists out there who have published papers who are questioning it. They get little press, but history will eventually lay all bare. We may never see it ourselves, but that’s OK.

Rest in peace, Mr. Eddy.


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