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Santa Goes Green…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on December 17, 2008

The stupidity never seems to end. There is a new musical out:

Green Santa

Santa Goes Green... Sure to be a new classic, right up there with Rudolph.

If you really want a copy, you can buy it here.

Seriously, though. You have to click on the link to listen to the clip. If i wouldn’t have known any better, I would have thought it was a joke:
Click here to listen.

Check out the little blurb:

Melting ice caps, global warming, surfing reindeer! The North Pole is going green this year and everyone is excited – everyone, that is, except Santa who likes things just the way they are. Solar panels, LED light bulbs, new power sources? It all sounds a bit inconvenient to him. Mrs. Claus, the elves, toys and reindeer have their hands full! This entertaining 40-minute holiday musical for Gr. 4-8 features seven original songs and dialog with up to 25 speaking parts and an adaptable cast list for groups of all sizes. The Teacher Edition comes with the full script, accompanied songs, Production Guide and choreography.

Oh, but that’s not all…

I guess you can never get too much of a good thing. There’s also a book out by the same name:

Green Santa

Aww.. now isn't this just the cutest thing? At least this illustrator keeps Santa in a red outfit.

USA Today can’t gush enough about it.

A children’s book author hopes that her new Christmas story will help kids realize that they can have an impact on global warming. Santa Goes Green (Mackinac Island Press, $15.95) is the story of a boy, Finn, who writes Santa and asks him to help raise awareness about global warming. Finn is interested in the environmental issue because he has adopted a polar bear, and polar bears are losing habitat to global warming.

Finn tells Santa he does not need any toys for Christmas, but instead he wants the jolly old elf’s help. “Santa can do anything in (Finn’s) mind,” says author and publisher Anne Margaret Lewis.

The book has sold about 13,000 copies since the small Traverse City, Mich., children’s books publisher put a previewable version of the entire book online last month (at Now in its second printing, it’s a runaway hit.

Well, now, isn’t that all special? My takeaway on this is that Finn is as clueless and brainwashed as the rest of our public-school kids who listen to this kind of drivel on a daily basis.

The brainwashing is in full force. Pulling Santa into the mix is a clever touch. Next thing you know, they’ll replace the oxen in a manger scene with a potted tree, because little baby Jesus would never stand for the methane contributions of cattle on His watch.

These are the things I see around me that makes me think the whole world has simply lost its grip on reality.


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