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Nothing Like Taking Your Info From…

Posted by The Diatribe Guy on April 25, 2008

When I have time, I enjoy taking a look at some of the links that people have clicked to access my blog. I am ever entertained by the internet. My posts have occasionally been picked up for presentation in certain little debates in bulletin boards or chat room, usually regarding the global warming issue. It is interesting to see how my information gets presented, and the response it gets. I decided to speak to this little phenomenon after reading one such example yesterday. This example is actually a fairly good example of the typical back-and-forth that I have seen regarding my information.

The first person originally linked to a post of mine and quoted this:

“With this additional data point, we can map the most recent non-warming/cooling trend from October 2001 – Current. Stated another way, applying a simple linear trend to the data, there has been no warming, and possible cooling, since October 2001. This encompasses 77 data points of anomalies. While this certainly could indicate a peak, or a downward trend, there have been similar periods in the past where we’ve seen this occur. The most recent 77 data-point period of cooling occurred from April 1990 – August 1996. We saw another spurt in the interim before we saw the more recent flattening. I do not point this out as an argument against cooling, but we also must be honest about the data we are looking at. In the event that there is, in fact, an overall warming trend underlying our climate, these cooling/flattening periods occur. Clearly, the longer it continues, the less likely it is that it is a blip, and the more likely it is that something has changed. It’s simply too soon to tell, and all we can do is look at the data. Right now, what we can say is that claims that warming is accelerating are flat-out false, and the most recent few years shows zero indication of warming. We cannot say that it indicates a definite reversal, nor that there may be a longer-term warming trend for which we are simply seeing an aberration.”

What a great insight! Whoever originally penned that must be a genius! Read the rest of this entry »


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