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Well, this blog started off as a way for me to vent opinion, or post pics of the family, or throw out amusing anecdotes.   But over time, it developed mostly into a more technical site, particularly in the area of temperature trends and analysis.

Who am I to present such things?  I am an actuary.  Have been for a couple of decades.  I just have an interest in numbers and trends and such things.  I enjoy putting together little models that project future results.   It’s a hobby.  But my actuarial background does lend itself to data analysis and modeling procedures that are often used in insurance can be applied to temperature data sets to yield some interesting results. 

I make no claims about being some kind of an expert in climatology or solar cycles.  I just like to look at the numbers, pick out some things of interest, and present the results.  I am often surprised by responses that I get from those who think that a mere presentation of actual data somehow suggests I have an agenda.  Anyone who follows this blog knows that I present both short and long-term data trends.  I have my own skepticism and ideas about the future, to be sure.  I’m not afraid to offer those opinions.   But I don’t in any way massage the data to tell the story I want to tell.  If trends warm, I’ll show the warming.   If trends cool, I’ll show the cooling.   I let others argue about what the results mean.  For the official record, I have no dog in this fight other than that of an unfunded citizen who has an interest in such matters.  My economic interest is no more than anyone else, and is from the perspective of hoping to avoid ridiculous taxation and government spending on matters of insignificance which we have somehow become convinced are significant.

Anyway, I do have a background of some University study in Chemistry and Physics. However, it was not my career of choice and I did not go on to get PhD or anything like that. I’m not a Doctor of the Sciences, a climatologist, or anything of the sort. I am not a statistician, and despite being an actuary, there are certain failings I have in that category as well. Any presentations I give on the numbers I state clearly what the assumptions are, so that I’m not making myself sound more knowledgable than I am.  As I said, where I believe I can offer some insight is in digging into the data and applying some different modeling and weighting techniques.

As for the original intent of the blog, I found that I did not wish to alienate the audience who came here for climate charts with my personal, political, or religious rants.   And so I have started three other blogs for those interests, if you desire to check those out.  They are,, and

Below are a few additional person details.

I am a fortunate Joe.  Blessed with a beautiful wife and 7 wonderful children, my life seems like a dream.  That is, until the furnace board gets fried on Christmas Eve, and an emergency call costs me hundreds of dollars that I don’t have.  Where was I again?  Oh, that’s right…  I’m living the dream.

 In fact, I really am blessed.  The day-to-day trials and tribulations that everyone experiences aside, I have a home, a family, good health, and a good job.  I don’t take those things for granted – or I try not to, anyway.  I’m human, and do catch myself not appreciating these things as much as I should.  What God giveth, He can also take away at any moment, and I remind myself to appreciate what I have.  And I do.

For more information on me, as well as the Catholic Rock CD I have released, please check this blog entry, which is my bio.

For those of you who follow my blog for temperature analysis and charts and stuff, you may wonder where the CD comes in… Well, yes, I’m an actuary and a numbers nerd, but music is another great interest of mine, and the CD I put together was a long time coming, and I put a lot of effort and energy into it.

So, I hope you enjoy the charts and trends, and I’d like to think some of you out there will even check out the CD and give a dad/actuary/musician some support – even if just to be nice.

Thanks for checking out Digital Diatribes!


5 Responses to “Learn About Joe”

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  2. Joe,
    congratulations for this your most interesting blog on climate matters. Keep on doing the good work.
    Kind regards
    (From Spain. Father of six)

  3. The Diatribe Guy said

    Thank you, Guillermo. Nice work, there, with the 6 kids! Nowadays, we are an anomaly. (I was really tempted to incorporate temperature into that anomaly comment, but I had nothing…)

  4. Mike S said

    Joe – just found your board, and bookmarked it. Good work. I’ll be back (not said with a Terminator accent 🙂

    Love numbers and trends myself – one of my hobbies is trying to pick NFL games based on previous performance and other factors. Unfortunately, my algorithms, while usually better than most “expert picks”, are regularly edged out by my 12-year-old’s semi-random selections. Sigh.

    – Mike (another anomaly, as a father of six)

  5. The Diatribe Guy said

    Welcome, Mike. I have, myself, compiled my own NFL model that predicts the spreads of games. Haven’t updated it for a while, but a fun diversion nonetheless. Nice to see a fellow procreator on the board!

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